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Yumiko KIDO: Vampire-energysucker-
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Published: November 04 2009

"Sol# La Mi Sol" (2009); oil acrylic on canvas, 130.3×162cm, courtesy of the artist and YOKOI FINE ART, copy right(c) Yumiko KIDO

Yumiko Kido paints the world that the viewers can’t judge whether it is real or not. The last exhibition was themed on "the exchange of the soul" and the theme of this time is "preexistent". The neck of woman whose mouth with a rose and bubbles… another woman holding a sanguine flower in her mouth… and the work that comprehends her memory of the preexistent. This exhibition will be the space you can touch her preexistent recollection.

Kido says she has two different "time axes" - "earth time" and "space time".

When human dies, he or she will leave "earth time" and go to another time-axis. I think this time-axis is "space time". Human is different from other animals in the point of having each preexistent (depending on individual). I always feel my preexistent. The reason why this exhibition’s theme is the preexistent is that I feel impulse to express the scenery and feeling in my preexistent.

To live and to die - it means the transfer from "earth time" to "space time". The realization of the preexistent comes from the memory of transfer between this two time axes.

When other people touch my preexistent through my paintings, good energy will appear there. Moreover, I think people who take in this energy will be purified and can feel "space time" just a little bit. It is not unusual for her to feel this kind of existence (space).

The part of her preexistent will separate us from this world and we will say goodbye to endless daily life for a while.

"Earth time" and "space time" Kido has are the comings and goings between life and death and they remind us a vampire who is the creature between life and death.

However, the vampire living in Kido's works is not only a bloodsucker but also an energy-sucker. It sucks blood and energy from one living in "earth time" and breathes out its energy. "Space time" attracts those who are purified by this energy and the lingering scent of blood and energy will stick to the viewers even at home after they see Kido's works. In other words, a kind of listless indigestion will call a tense shortage, then you will be captured by Kido's preexistent.

* The text provided by YOKOI FINE ART.

Last Updated on November 20 2009

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