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Published: October 02 2009

"NEW YORK East Village" (1981); courtesy of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography copy right(c) Keizo KITAJIMA

Keizo Kitajima (b. 1954) took the photograph of people who lived in the world that had been divided into parts at the cold war era after studying in the workshop photograph school (Daido Moriyama's class). This exhibition focuses the work of the period in his first half career, and showcases the works taken from 1975 to 1991.

Last Updated on August 29 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

This solo exhibition of Kitajima would make an extraordinary impression on viewers who had enjoyed his past “Portraits” series, in which he took pictures of the same person periodically. Indeed, there are significant differences between the orderly impression created by the “Portraits” series, whose photos follow certain rules - backgrounds are drawn using white color; photographic subjects wear white clothes with collars; and taking pictures of busts - and the bawdy and impulsive image of some of the snapshots shown in this exhibition, which were taken from 1975 to 1991. Nevertheless, it can be recognized that Kitajima has been interested in portraits continuously since all of the above-mentioned pictures, whether they are well-known or unknown, are classified as portraits. The “Portraits” series were created combining momentary shots and the accumulation of times. It is extremely interesting that the first photos in the “Portraits” series were taken in 1992, which was the year after the last year of the period covered by this exhibition. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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