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Published: October 01 2009

”the entrance of the grave 96 th EMPEROR GO-DAIGO", courtesy of Gallery ART UNLIMITED copy right(c) Eiji INA

Eiji INA has treated a global common theme that lies in the society as a photographer. He had photographed the Graves of all of the 124 generations Emperors in Japan spending over 7years and published EMPEROR OF JAPAN (Nazraeli Press,USA). This book is nominated as a best photo book of Japan in the Photobook Award held in Kassel. He got the Grand Prize of Sagamihara Photo City Award in Professional division. We will introduce his great project which we can see the history of Japan from ancient s to the present with 150 Contact prints with 8x10 Camera. * The text provided by Gallery ART UNLIMITED.

Last Updated on October 24 2009

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