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Published: September 24 2009

Makoto AZUMA, Courtesy of Voile
Copyright © Makoto AZUMA

TOKYO FIBER ‘09-SENSEWARE exhibition drew a monumental record of 38,000 visitors during the Milano Salone 2009. This will be first exhibited in 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Japan.

Japan’s artificial fibers are a new senseware. In the Stone Age, stone tools triggered human creativity. Later, paper and printing stimulated further creative desire by making a massive body of knowledge available.

Now, new artificial fibers evolved through the application of high technology promise to spur humans to a new wave of creation. Some of these fibers are finer than individual cells, some are more pliant than rubber, and some are electrically conductive like metals. This exhibition is an attempt to visualize domains that the new senseware can open up. Ideas were sought from architects, designers of all ilks, automobile and electrical appliance manufacturers, media artists, and even a flower artist. It will be fascinating to see how many new possibilities emerge from this initiative. The exhibition represents an intersection of technology, materials, and talent, all oriented towards future manufacturing. I very much hope that it will convey a real excitement for the future.
(Kenya Hara, Exhibition director)

TOKYO FIBER official website: http://tokyofiber.com

* The text provided by 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.

Last Updated on September 18 2009

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