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Thomas Ruff: cassini + zycles
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Published: November 21 2009

Thomas Ruff "cassini 10" (2009); C-print, © Thomas Ruff / Courtesy of Gallery Koyanagi

Solo exhibition after seven year-interval in Japan, of the great artist of German contemporary photography, Thomas Ruff. This show exhibits his recent two series of work; "cassini" and "zycles".

Last Updated on October 16 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

It is not always so for me though it is highly evaluated worldwide – Thomas Ruff’s latest series works “cassini” and “zycles” exhibited in GALLRY KOYANAGI made me feel so. The “cassini” which original image was the one transmitted from a inquiry machine in the Saturn "cassina", seems of course smart and successive to finish the heavenly body up in pop. However it also seems like a somewhat high level photograph decorated at an interior shop, with a help of the dark brown frame. I don’t think it is due to the quality of the works themselves but just had no impression with them.

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