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Love & Peace
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Published: August 25 2016

Sunday Universal 2008 pen and crayon on paper

Some people with varying colored eyes and hairs appear in works of Masayuki Uchino.
They look at us and open mouths all together. It looks like they encourage us and talk
to us gently. Uchino also sometimes draws animals in bright and thick colors. We shall
be happy if you ruminate about “Love & Peace” with people and animals he draws.

Yoshiharu Yagi, the guest curator of this exhibition selected Uchino’s art works and
planed the exhibition.

Opening reception with the artist and the curator will be held on the first day, September 3rd.


Information Provided by: gallery incurve kyoto

Period: September 3,2016 (Sat) 〜 September 24,2016 (Sat)
Hours: Saturday only 12:00 - 7:00p.m
Closed: Sunday - Friday
Venue: gallery incurve kyoto

Last Updated on September 03 2016

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