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Akira Kamo exhibition ”Death grows in the soil”
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Published: July 01 2016

Akira Kamo "Death grows in the snow" 2016, Oil on canvas, 181.8 x 227.3 cm

Announcing the exhibition of a young oil painter, Akira Kamo. The main exhibit is the installation "Death grows in the soil" consists of twenty three paintings on the theme of funerals. Kamo's works include themes which are generally thought of as in conflict, such as fire and ice (snow), the sacred and the vulgar, heaven and earth, etc. In his new works, Kamo focuses on life and death, and considers deeply how to accept death.

In mourning for the dead, we also carry an awareness of our own inevitable demise. Therefore, funeral rituals reflect the ideals and sense of values of the living. For Kamo, aside from the feelings one has when facing death, he adopts the idea of "nurturing death" as a way of sending off everyday life. The main new motif is a snow, soil, and flowers. Kamo tries to capture and express mourning from the stance that "death is planted in the soil at one’s side."

Akira Kamo
Born in 1982 in Tokyo, Japan. He received his M.F.A in 2010 from Tokyo University of the Arts. His major solo shows include: “Anti-sanctuary,” Tachibana Gallery (2016, Osaka), “[ Painting ] and [ Survival ]”, island MEDIUM (2012, Tokyo). Other important exhibitions are: “Navigation & Trajectory,” Aomori Contemporary Art Center (2015), “VOCA The Vision of Contemporary Art,” The Ueno Royal Museum (2015, 13, Tokyo ), "Tsushima Art Fantasia,” (2015,14, Nagasaki).


Information Provided by: Tachibana Gallery

Period: June 29,2016 (Wed) 〜 July 23,2016 (Sat)
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Venue: Tachibana Gallery

Last Updated on June 29 2016

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