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Ever bright moonlight
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Published: September 15 2009

Alex Ball "Settlement" (2009); oil on linen, 16x20cm, courtesy of eitoeiko copy right(c) Alex Ball

Grown up in late 20th century and living in the 21st century, the three artists have to express ‘contemporary’ in art. Seeking the thoughts about beauty and aesthetical point of view, they find nothing from today. Making the artworks, they choose old traditional techniques, oil painting, sculpture and etching. Using the objects which lost the original contexts, Alex Ball (born in 1985, Northampton, UK) creates an unusually relationship between them. The association reveals no clearly meanings. Hear the symphony we can barely hear, the small voices from the objects tell us the fables or the allegories. It becomes our new myth of the century. Alex Ball lives and works in London. The time goes past that the capital of contemporary art is London, only the void of art remains on there, but the new real painter is reborn in the same country. It is the fate of the history. After BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, 2007, Alex Ball got a winner of the Catlin Art Prize, 2008. Purity of art, it consists not by recent theory of art. It is hidden in history. Megumi Takasugi (born in 1976, Miyazaki) expresses what is human. The world is a mass of human. Megumi reconstructs a harmony between individual and the whole human family. And she makes her works with both of eastern and western cultures. After BA Art Education, Miyazaki University, She got a grant by Miyazaki Pref. for oversea studying. More than seven years study in France it makes her thought more meditative. The art is dead, Parisian critics say, though everything is art in France and even in everywhere. The important is to find the art with mind, don’t miss the eye of thought. Shintaro Hidaka(born in 1984, Miyazaki) is a postgraduate of Tama Art University. The flood of imagination makes the world chaotic, though it controlled to exquisiteness. Thousand stories told by characters in the distorted realistic world. Feel the genius of Shintaro Hidaka with the fine lines by etching. At the art fair in Seoul, his works got a good impression. Also his work were selected in the 85th Shun-yo ten exhibition of printings, 2008. ”Ever Bright Moonlight”, titled by Meigetsu-ki, written by Fujiwara no Sadaie(Teika) in 12-13c Kamakura periods, it was known with beautiful calligraphy. Open on 26 September, eitoeiko, Tokyo and vernissage 15:00-17:00. Additionally, on 30 October, the cerebration day of the moon ’jusan-ya’, eitoeiko presents a special jazz live by guitar virtuoso Junzo Iwami and YAYOI on vocal, start 19:00, fee JPY2,000. * The text provided by eitoeiko.

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