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Review Nobuhiko Utsumi Chapter 3
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Published: February 24 2016

Utsumi Nobuhiko's work,1992

Nobuhiko Utsumi's paiting works titled ” Innerscape ” have been developed featuring the themes of " self-creating universe " and " morphogenesis ", namely self-organization which has been the principle of whole nature since the beginning of the universe, or " multiverse " which means existence of plural space. On the other hand he has often shown stay production at the symbolic places such as Auschwitz and Peru to express his thought about world modern history - the series titled " Requiem to the 20th century "
As a disciple of Hiroshi Nakamura's oil painting studio at Bigakko he started his painting work in 1975. Then the encounter with Katsuro Yoshida pressed him for becoming a professional artist. Since the first solo exhibition in 1985, recieving the great influence from Yoshida, he continued making ink-flow paintings and increased the size of the work at every time to show them to the teacher, and finaly it's length reached 18.5m. In this Exhibition, Utsumi shows the works in the days of solo exhibition at Harvard University Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts in 1992 where that big size work were exhibited, so that means his homage to Katsuro Yoshida.


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