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TSA ANNUAL 2015 Zeroist : The Fragile Creature Called Human being
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Published: December 07 2015

From the upper left clockwise, Matsumoto Shinichi, Koga Tobu, Ishikawa Raita, Uruno Takao, Kawamura Masayuki, Kim Daejung

Saito Giju (1904-2001),who was one of the most important pioneers of abstract arts in japan, embodied his original education philosophy in later years at Tokyo School of Arts (TSA 1982-2000). This exhibition is an annual show held by the graduates of that school.
"Zeroist" - the title of this exhibition series - is quoted from the title of one Saito's work in 1950 to express their respect for Saito, and to impress the importance of recurring repeatedly in the ground "zero" of each one's art work.

This time they advocate the words " The Fragile Creature Called Human being ". This phrase, which is the diversion from Lewis Thomas's book " The Fragile Spieces "(1992), does not mean the themes of their works directly, but expresses the feeling they share that the human beings' exsistence is always on an uncertain and critical balance. We must not forget the fact that we are the part of the whole living things on the earth and must co-exsist with every different kind of other beings both biologically and sociologically. From this point of view, they think, to make and show art works seems to have been one of the various efforts necessary for human beings' survival from the oldest times and would be so from now on too.


Information Provided by: Gallery K

Period: December 14,2015 (Mon) 〜 December 19,2015 (Sat)
Hours: 11:30-19:00 (Saturday until 17:00) 【 休日(英語) 】 sundays
Closed: sundays
Venue: Gallery K

Last Updated on December 14 2015

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