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Selection from Postgraduate Students of Sculpture Course,Tama Art University Waga Midori Exhibition
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Published: November 12 2015

former work

Waga Midori's Sculpture work is intended to give shape to the border between inner and outer sphere, or public and private room. For example she shows us the figure of a window or a curtain made of stone standing by itself, which never appears in that way in our daily life because of its structural nature and of the purpose in the practical use too. Thus being substantial and unfamiliar lump, it causes a strong dissimilation effect and let us feel the exsistence of a invisible "border".
This time, she displays an installation work, which is composed of fallen pillars like what we see in the remains of the shrine, the drapes covering women's bodies like such of caryatids, and the "cell" structure of a nest of the bee. It features the theme of concealment of individuality in the whole, public and private, hiding one's body, and the relevancy between all these matters.


Information Provided by: Gallery K

Period: November 23,2015 (Mon) 〜 December 5,2015 (Sat)
Hours: 11:30-19:00 (Saturday until 17:00)
Closed: Sundays
Venue: Gallery K

Last Updated on November 23 2015

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