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Shoko Fukumoto exhibition From Dreams, Return To Dreams
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Published: November 11 2015

Shoko Fukumoto From Dreams, Return To Dreams 2015 Mineral pigments, glue, canvas 135 x 230 cm

Announcing the paintings of Shoko Fukumoto, created in the Japanese painting technique, symbolically representing the mystique of humankind. The main subject is women who, as if torn away from reality, dance in midair. Ornaments born from the painter’s imagination, such as eccentric clothes which might come from the stage or from ritual, and caterpillars which were deformed, stand out conspicuously. The earth tones which give rise to a gentle and calm atmosphere, and lines pregnant with tension enigmatically arouse the viewers imagination.

These women soaring in the heavens, accompanied by images full of movement, seem somehow to suggest a story. However, Fukumoto’s concerns tend more toward a lofty ambience and a sense of beauty rather than narrative. It is the complex nuances of color that bring about this intuition of beauty. By using canvas rather than paper as a support, and by scraping away the built up layers of natural pigment, the pictures’ characteristic matiere is created.


Information Provided by: Tachibana Gallery

Period: November 3,2015 (Tue) 〜 November 28,2015 (Sat)
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday, Monday

Last Updated on November 03 2015

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