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Published: September 12 2009

”City planning of Morlock" (2008); a part, courtesy of INAX GALLERY copy right(c) Yuji KITAMOTO

Solo exhibition of an artist using pottery for the art work, Yuji Kitamoto (b. 1981). The exhibition hall is composed by an installation of a pottery wall combining 250 pieces or more of 20cm-square part. The viewer walks between the pottery walls as if straying into a space of stratum.

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Editor's Note by Satoshi Koganezawa

Originally, the Galería Cerámica did not have so much space. Therefore, in this exhibition, Kitamoto’s large-scale creations make us feel as if the exhibition space has become even smaller than usual. In the exhibition room, we find installations on the walls which were created using porcelain clay. The exhibition hall looks like an aisle in a cave which seems to have been made by nature, and this gives us a solemn image because there is an altar-like thing placed at the back of the aisle. Nevertheless, we, the viewers, can only look at the wall. In the press release there is the phrase, “the visitors can enjoy walking among the walls made of porcelain clay”, but actually, we are not allowed to do that for any reason. This is truly regrettable. According to the material which is distributed at the venue, Kitamoto’s first presented work entitled “How to Walk on the Earth - scene 1 -” (2003) is said to have requested the viewers to walk on a porcelain panel. His works which are displayed in this exhibition would be more interesting if we could touch them actively as we could with his first creation. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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