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Frantic Gallery
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Published: February 11 2009

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Opened in Nihonbashi in 2007, torenamed from "art project frantic" to "frantic gallery" in October of 2009, and then relocated to Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku in 2011 as renaming into "Frantic Gallery". Frantic Gallery is known for having a unique exhibition style in which installation and plain works are each placed, separately, in two connected rooms, which produces a peculiar space with a synergistic effect. Chiefly, it aims to discover, promote, and handle young, ambitious artists who produce attractive works, regardless of whether they are famous or not. In the early spring, the cherry blossoms seen through the front window provide a pleasant background for the exhibited works.

Among the represented artists are Hitomi Moriguchi, Yasuhiko Arakawa, Kentaro Isotani, Sachiko Takizawa, Kazumi Shimode, Naritaka Sato, Kaori Furuhashi, Jyhji Karatsu, Yukari Maki, Kazuki Umezawa, Postpoppers, Haruki Ogawa and Osamu Ohno.

Address: IID 1F, 2-4-5 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-(0)3-3410-1325
Open: 11:00 - 19:00, closed on Monday
Website: http://www.frantic.jp/

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