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Frank Gerritz: The Definition of Space
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Published: October 14 2015

Frank Gerritz《Four Center Connection VI》2015

We are very pleased to announce the second one-person show by German artist, Frank Gerritz, during above period.

Born in Bad Oldesloe, Germany in 1964, Frank Gerritz now resides and works in Hamburg, Germany. Periodically he holds exhibitions in museums and gallerys in Europe and the United States. His works are housed in many museums and private collections as Weserburg, Museum für Moderne Kunst (Bremen), Gemeentemuseum (Den Haag), Musée Tavet Delacour (Pontoise), National Gallery of Art (Washington DC), Brooklyn Museum (New York), Collezione Panza di Biumo (Varese) and The Menil Collection (Houston), etc.

Frank Gerritz is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding artists of an abstractly and geometrically operating art. At a first glance, one might feel an inclination to categorize his works as a retracing of the path of Minimal and Conceptual Art, but this viewpoint would be far too one-dimensional, because Gerritz’s works lay claim to the live character of individual perception and go deeper than the surface, providing a complex weave of the most diverse references and points of view to the discourses of art history.


Frank Gerritz started his carrier as a sculptor. For years, however, he has developed his sculptural ideas principally in the form of drawings that nonetheless have a character of relief works and emanate a markedly space-encompassing energy. Derived from his early sculpture installations, he has established two main directions as serial works, one of these are the pencil drawings on MDF panel and the other one are the oil paintstick drawings on anodized aluminum.

Pencil drawing on MDF panel

With a Faber Castell 9B pencil, Gerritz places layer upon layer of graphite onto the smooth surface of industrially manufactured MDF panels. The different hatching results in a precise mesh of lines that lends the drawing initial structure. What is decisive is that the precision of these geometric formations is taken to a completely different level of perception due to the material effect of the graphite. The graphite that has been applied to the surface catches light in completely new and different ways. The viewer’s gaze thus takes an exciting journey through a light-filled world of ostensible darkness in these in part specular works on MDF.

Paintstick drawing on anodized Aluminum

In another cycle, Gerritz works with a black paintstick directly on anodized aluminum panel carefully manufactured with the instruction by the artist. Viewers can experience the black of penetrating beauty on the surface and the space for the echo of living experience in the concise characteristic style of rigid precision. This is possible only when directly in front of those actual works.

Pencil drawings on paper, wall drawings and Auctions /Invitationals

Alongside these “wall-sculptures”, several series of drawings on paper, paintstick on printed paper (from auction catalogues and invitation cards) as well as monumental wall-drawings, equally constructed from a consciously limited geometric vocabulary, have defined the artist’s works over the past two decades.

The Definition of Space

To define the space is the major theme for Gerritz since his early days, working on sculptures and those installations. What kind of space appears according to the difference of the size, the difference of the shape and the difference of the way to be put, of objects in the space ? A rectangular parallelepiped which he calls “Center” is a fundamental unit for his works. They appear in his drawings with the form of squares or rectangles, the side-views of rectangular parallelepiped. Gerritz explores and tries to define the space, with putting “centers” into two-dimensional space in many different ways.

In his first one-person show at Taguchi Fine Art last year, exhibited were paintstick drawings on anodized aluminum. This second show by Gerritz focuses on his another main work, pencil drawings on MDF board, along with five pencil drawings on paper. Please come to take a look.

From 17:00 till 19:00 on the first day, October 17th, we will have a reception for the artist. We are looking forward to your visit.


Information Provided by: taguchi fine art, ltd.

Period: October 17,2015 (Sat) 〜 November 21,2015 (Sat)
Hours: 13:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday, Monday and National holiday
Venue: taguchi fine art, ltd.

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