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Matsui Masayo Exhibition, Waiting for High Tide
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Published: October 04 2015

Matsui Masayo Exhibition, Waiting for High Tide

By stone sculpture, Matsui Masayo is trying to express what is gravity which draws everything downward. In former exhibition, she made works that have flat smooth surfaces, as if they were water with surface tension. That was apparently illusional expression, but at the same time that reminded us of the effect of gravity which gives water perfect flatness instantly and on the other hand, taking lomg long time, gives stones hardness and massiveness. Then, in this exhibition, she shows us the image of a head of a buddhist statue. What is the meaning of featuring extremely symbolical shape as the object of prayer. She says she wants to express "something uncontrollable by human power". We will feel that "something" which the the gallery space is full of, as if it were another "garavity".

Matsui Masayo

1987 Born in Tokyo Japan
2011 B.A., Sculpture, Tama Art University
2013 M.A., Sculpture, Tama Art University

Solo Exhibition
2012 "Selection from Postgraduate Students of Sculpture Course" Gallery K, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 "The 5th Internatuinal Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition" Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan
"1985-2015 Present of the Sculpture Scholarship Students" Yamanashi Prefectural Mueum of Art
2014 "Now is 1/31,536,000" Gallery K, Tokyo
"Internatuinal Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition" Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 "Lines are dripping" Fei Art Museum, Yokohama
"Art Program Ome 2013, Catching the Clouds" Ome Municipal Museum of Art, Taiwan
2012 "My Harmonious 2012" Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo
2011 "The 27th Exhibition of Sculpture Scholarship Students of Kitano Foundation of Lifelomg Integrated Education” Nihon University Ekota Gallery, Tokyo
"Expected Artists 2011" Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo


Information Provided by: Gallery K

Period: October 5,2015 (Mon) 〜 October 12,2015 (Mon)
Hours: 11:30-19:00 (Saturday until 17:00)
Closed: Sundays
Venue: Gallery K

Last Updated on October 05 2015

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