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Formative Heritage 001-025
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Published: September 20 2015

Formative Heritage 001-025

This exhibition showcases design projects by students from the Department of Architecture, Kyoto Institute of Technology.
In Japan, a large number of construction projects, such as roads, dams, viaducts, tunnels, retaining walls, embankments and excavations are unfinished for different reasons. They can neither be completed nor abandoned while some remain as “oversized rubbish” after being used for a certain period. Naming this sort of objects “Formative Heritage”, we focused on finding out another way to use them instead of completing or demolishing them.
Making full use of our skills in architectural and landscape design, we have come up with several ideas on how Formative Heritage can be utilized in an effective, brand-new manner.

*Related program
- Gallery Talk
October 9 (Fri), 2015 / 19:00-21:00
Yuya Yoshizato (Director, Tokyo Real Estate), Dai Nagasaka (Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology), Akira Kakuda (Associate Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology), Masahiro Kinoshita (Assistant Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda, B105 Multi Space
Admission: Free
Real Tokyo Estate:http://www.realtokyoestate.co.jp/
Real Public Estate : http://www.realpublicestate.jp/


Information Provided by: Kyoto Institute of Technology – KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery

Period: September 19,2015 (Sat) 〜 October 12,2015 (Mon)
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays (except for October 12), Tuesdays
Venue: Kyoto Institute of Technology – KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery

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