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Yosuke Takagi Spirituality, Experience
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Published: September 14 2015

acrylic on canvas

Takagi Yosuke has been studying oriental philosophy, especially Buddhism, and expresses in paintings his thought about "what is life?" and "what is death?". In this show, the images he draws by acrylic paint on canvas remind us of the fact that one's life is only an instant looking from the history of whole life on the earth, and all the more from that of universe. The material shining in gold flashes on the darkness. It looks like some parts of human body, or other kind of living creature,trying to leave an impression of it's exsistence, but it also looks like a corpse already collapsing and fading away. And there added some geometric image, such as straight line or circle, which shows us mysterious mixture of the organic and the Inorganic.

Takai Yosuke
1990 born in Tokyo
2012 graduated from Bigakko, Utsumi Nobuhiko Painting School
now attendiing Toyo University,Department of Eastern Philosophy

solo exhibition
2011 " Birth Canal Crossing " Gallery K, Tokyo

selected solo exhibitions
2015 " Person, Person, Person, Alone " Gallery K, Tokyo
" Momotent the 6th, Phallusifal " Gallery K, Tokyo
2014 " Momotent the 4th, Trial of Karamanzoku " Gallery K, Tokyo
2013 " Momotent the 3th, Kuritorimonogatari " Gallery K, Tokyo
2012 " Takagi Yosuke + Okubo takahiro " Gallery K, Tokyo
2011 "Momotent the 1st "Gallery K, Tokyo
" Nippon Collage 2011 " Gallery K, Tokyo

Information provided by:Gallery K
Period: September 14,2015(Mon)~September 19, 2015(Sat)
Hours: 11:30-19:00 (Saturday until 17:00)
Closed: Sunday
Venue: Gallery K
Last Updated on September 14 2015

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