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Junta Egawa : The Side of the Back of the Back of the Correct Answer
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Published: September 14 2015

Junta Egawa《The Side of the Back of the Back of the Correct Answer》2015

eitoeiko is pleased to announce a solo exhibition 'The Side of the Back of the Back of the Correct Answer' by Junta Egawa, from September 26 to October 24, 2015.

Junta Egawa (born in 1978, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan) is known for his abstract paintings with vibrant colors. Egawa considers that the human memory is quite uncertain. Therefore the artist is particular about the alternative at the moment, and the result of that. At this exhibition, he made paintings by non-plate silkscreen print. Revoking the function of reproduction, the printed image was released. In the accumulation of the repeated foggy image, the artist find a new value of color, materialness and tactile. After all the reliable thing is momentary choice to paint, the artist goes back to the basic. Like the doublethink in George Orwell’s 1984, Egawa seems that there are contradictions in a memory. The artist indicates the fact is in the choice and the result.

We must be change. Drop out the conventional common sense. We should grope for new value, the new human way and the new world.

Junta Egawa attempts to express the thought with his new paintings. After the exhibition, Egawa will participate in the group exhibition ‘From now on!! the second section Tri-Angle’, at Fujisawa Art Space, the new-open museum of Fujisawa city, from November 7 until December 6.

Junta Egawa (b.1978, Kanagawa)

2003 B.A. Japanese Paintings, Tama Art University, Tokyo

Memoire Martienne eitoeiko 2010/
OVERTONE II Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery Yokohama 2010/
The Correct Answer And The Incorrect Answer Disappeared. Is It The Final Answer? eitoeiko 2011/
Forgetting The New World Seen A While Ago, And The Moment Of Seeing Again eitoeiko 2012/
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Aichi Art Program Arts Challenge Aichi Art Center 2015

Shell Art Award selected 2008/
Tokyo Wonder Wall selected 2010, 2011/
Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize, 2012/
25th Holbein Scholarship 2012


Information Provided by: eitoeiko

Period: September 26,2015 (Sat) 〜 October 24,2015 (Sat)
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday, Monday and National holiday
Venue: eitoeiko

Last Updated on September 26 2015

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