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Robin Fry : Gary’s Lilies
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Published: September 14 2015

Robin Fry 《Sky Bird》

Hiromart Gallery pleased to announce the opening of Gary’s Lillies, an exhibition of new paintings by Robin Fry, a Berlin-based Canadian artist who is known as an abstract painter and performing artist.

The show Gary’s Lilies features the latest paintings together with the Audio Installation; all works are especially made for this show.
Fry pursues color relationships, texture and composition on these new works inspired by the natural world.


Information Provided by: hiromart gallery tokyo

Period: October 2,2015 (Fri) 〜 November 8,2015 (Sun)
Hours: 13:00-19:00
Closed: Monday and Tuesday
Venue: hiromart gallery tokyo

Last Updated on October 02 2015

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