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Mayumi TERADA Greenhouse series temperature - humidity vol.2
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Published: September 08 2015

pivot window with coconut tree 151501p (c) Mayumi Terada 2015

Here we are presenting Mayumi TERADA's the newest additions to the second wave of the series < temperature - humidity > starting from 2014, consisting mostly of works in color.
We have selected a number of works to introduce from TERADA’s recent projects, which are highly independent, three-dimensional pieces that go beyond simple models of the previous photographic medium.
This is exemplified in the miniature sky that spreads forth widely, or the idea of a photograph that is captured within the photograph itself.
These works utilizing the methods and effects of monochromatic grain and the skills of photographic expression have been displayed all over the world.
In the newest series, TERADA challenges herself by incorporating fresh expressive forms within varying hues and the three dimensional world.
This style is continued with this exhibition as well, through the theme of “absence /existence,” where her gaze is on the separate ideas of “watching” and “looking after”.
This brings up a sense of the way passersby interpret the work as it floats into their minds.
We invite you to take this chance to come and view MayumiTERADA’s deep and innovative gaze.


Information Provided by: Yoshinori NOMURA

Period: September 25,2015 (Fri) 〜 October 25,2015 (Sun)
Hours: 12:00 - 19:00
Closed: Mon. Tue. Wed.
Venue: Gallery OUT of PLACE

Last Updated on September 25 2015

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