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Published: September 06 2015

Fukui Nobuhiro “ohne titel ‒ 20120719″ 2012, pigment print mounted on wood panel

CASHI is pleased to present a group exhibition called ‘Celsius,’ this exhibition includes work by five different artists who were selected by three event organisers.

At the formal opening of CASHI an exhibition called ‘100 degrees Fahrenheit’ took place, and since that time several more incarnations of this theme have also been held. The gallery’s name of CASHI means degrees Fahrenheit, and we have been committed to making our patrons feel the temperature of a new era by showing young potential.
Rather than drawing attention to the numerical meaning of temperature, we mean the sensation of heat, a style guide as it were or a collective method of which always at the same time there are many that have to emerge, and as such in contrast to ‘Fahrenheit’, this new exhibition has been titled ‘Celsius’ and produced as a new space.
The exhibition was planned by three people, including members who produced the exhibition ‘Kitakagaya Crossing 2013 “MOBILIS IN MOBILI.” We look forward to welcoming you to this exhibition which while embracing the artists and curators frustration with this transitory period, points towards the temperature of today.

Receptionparty : Sat.12 September 18:00-20:00
Planning : Co-Curator:Arata Hasegawa(Independent curator), Erika Matsushima(CASHI) Coordinator:Yuji Oshita
Cooperation : ART COURT Gallery, eN arts, Koyama Art Projects


Information Provided by: CASHI

Period: August 20,2015 (Thu) 〜 September 27,2015 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Mon, Tue, Wed
Venue: CASHI

Last Updated on August 20 2015

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