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Published: September 09 2009

(2009) Courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery copy right(c) Naoko KADOKURA

Takuro Kuwata's works attract us with their vivid and beautiful colors. It is almost surprising that they are ceramic works. Kuwata states, "I want to create joyful and fun works, by making the most use of characteristics of the materials". His works add pleasant colors to the space, and even to one's life and soul. Kuwata's works' sophisticated forms with touch of design suggest his distinguished skills, and make us turn our thoughts toward the rich history of ceramic. His works signify the infinite possibility of unseen expression in ceramic. The theme of the exhibition is "Hun-Pun", which means the state of plants and flowers smelling well. Approximately 100 works, including pots, flower vases, bowls, water pot, "furidashi (small sweet container used in Japanese tea ceremony)", tea cups, and plates, will be exhibited. In "Bowl" (2009), Kuwata creates "Kairagi" (cracks of glazes created by baking) in white color by using "Nagaishi-Yu"(or Shino-Yu: the special type of glaze) that has long history since the Momoyama Era in Mino area. Our eyes are attracted and pleased by the stunning color of blue coming out of these cracks. We will also exhibit the series of delicate white ceramic with bold colors, which won the grand prix at the Tableware Festival in 2009. Kuwata's ceramic works are created by the fusion of the traditional skills and material, and fresh and sharp sensibility. Viewers may feel as if these works with lively colors are filling the exhibition space with the beautiful scent. Artist Biography:
Takuro Kuwata was born in 1981 in Hiroshima. He graduated from Kyoto Saga Art College, Department of Fine Arts, Ceramic Arts in 2001, and started studying under a ceramic artist Susumu Zaima in 2002. He also studied at Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center until 2007. Kuwata currently lives and works in Toki city, Gifu. He has been awarded many prizes including at Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition (06 - 09), Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition (07, 08), Idemitsu Triennnale (06), Oribe Design Craft Exhibition (07), International Ceramic Festival Mino (08), Tachikichi Craft Competition (04), Tableware Festival (06 - 09), Nagasaki Ceramics Competition (06), Mashiko Ceramic Exhibition (04, 06, 08), and Yokkaichi Banko-Yaki Sogo Competition (06). This year, he won the grand prix and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry award at the 17th Tableware Festival. This is his first solo exhibition at Tomio Koyama Gallery. * The text provided by Tomio Koyama Gallery.

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Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

Takuro Kuwata’s ceramics attract us with their vivid and beautiful colors, forms and materials. In particular, using the technique named “Kairagi” which means cracks of glazes created by baking using “Nagaishi-Yu”, he clearly conveys to us the possibilities and profoundness of his craftworks. This makes me feel as if a newly-created design has been born from craftworks which have been freed from the pressure of “tradition” and a massive image of materials. Nevertheless, what his creations require us to do is not to describe them using words, such as “avant-garde” or “novelty”, but just to feel the warmth of their colors. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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