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Junta Egawa:All Is Crushed By The Back Teeth
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Published: July 25 2014


eitoeiko is pleased to announce a solo exhibition 'All Is Crushed By The Back Teeth' by Junta Egawa. In 2013, Egawa was selected to the exhibition VOCA at the Ueno Royal Museum in spring, and his solo exhibition was held at TWS Hongo in summer. And then the artist joined with a group show at JAUS in Los Angeles. In 'All Is Crushed By The Back Teeth', Egawa will show his latest paintings.

Junta Egawa uses oil paint as a material which it is able to fix and remove easily from canvas. By putting, spreading, chipping and connecting the oil paints, Egawa attempts to figure the daylights of his everyday life. Repeated vague dots and the careful gray gradation to fill the space let us be conscious of a rule, but at the same time the rule is broken and it disappears. There are both of stability and instability. Does his improvisation-like painting mean only a personal feeling? Or it becomes a mirror of the world today? Egawa is thinking,

It is quite complicated that the relationship of people, or the relationship between human and the object. There is no answer. Sometimes I feel the complex about it. At the same time, I find it attractive and I feel a kind of possibility. If there were the self and the world, it appears in sight. So the choice in the moment must be important and I have my responsibility about it.

It is me who will make a world on the canvas. If I couldn't face the problem which is facing to me, I could never see the future beyond.

The intervention of art into our society makes our relationship much more multi-layered. Egawa opens door to invite us the world that we have overlooked. It is a challenge to explore the images we have never seen.

At the same period in this exhibition, four artists' exhibition 'Artist Labo: Experimentation Of Being Made' will be held at Atlia, Kawaguchi, from July 19 until August 31.

Junta Egawa(b.1978, Kamakura, Kanagawa)

2003 B.A. Japanese Painting, Tama Art University, Tokyo

2008 Shell Art Award, selected

2010 solo exhibition, Memoire Martienne, eitoeiko/ OVER TONE II, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama

2011 solo exhibition, The Correct Answer And The Incorrect Answer Disappeared. Is It The Final Answer?, eitoeiko/ Tokyo Wonder Wall, selected, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

2012 The 7th Daikokuya Contemporary Art Award, selected/ solo exhibition, Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo/ solo exhibition, Forgetting The New World Seen A While Ago, And The Moment Of Seeing Again, eitoeiko/ Tokyo Wonder Wall, Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo/ The 25th Holbein Scholarship, grantee

2013 solo exhibition, Tokyo Wonder Wall, Tokyo Metropolitan Office/ VOCA The Vision Of Contemporary Art, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo/ Football Exercise, eitoeiko/ solo exhibition, TWS-Emerging 205, You Are Looking. I Was Thinking Of Somewhere Far Away, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo/ solo exhibition, No Time To Choose. Can't Look Behind. I Stare At My Right Fist, eitoeiko/ Licketh The Rainbow, JAUS, Los Angeles

2014 Artist Labo: Experimentation Of Being Made, Atlia, Kawaguchi

Opening Reception: July 26, 6PM-9PM

会期:July 26 - August 30, 2014
closed on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday Summer Holidays: August 12 - 16
Last Updated on July 26 2014

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