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Published: August 29 2009

Yosuke AMEMIYA "truth" (2005); oil on FRP, courtesy Yuka Sasahara Gallery, copyright © Yosuke AMEMIYA

Exhibiting work of contemporary artists by using the model houses of the biggest model house exhibition space in the capital district. Exhibited artists;
Yosuke AMEMIYA, Kazuharu ISHIKAWA, Satoshi UCHIUMI, Shinji OHMAKI, Asa GO, Takashi TANAKA, Akane TERASHIMA, Hideto NAGATSUKA, Tomoko HASHIMOTO, and other 30 artists.

Last Updated on September 12 2009

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

The venue is divided into three parts, from “STAGE 1” to “STAGE 3”, on the other side of Komazawa Street. Nonetheless, not all the model houses are used for displaying the exhibits. In addition, there have been some changes in the exhibitors, the exhibits, and the duration of the exhibition. Therefore, I recommend that you stop at the information center before enjoying the exhibition and get a copy of the brochure in which you will find a summary of the exhibition, information of the exhibitors, and a guide map of this event. Among the various exhibits, the creations made by Ine Izumi (Kon Izumi), Tomoko Hashimoto and Izuru Kasahara, which are displayed on STAGES 3 and 4, and those created by Kazuharu Ishikawa and Yoshitaka Nanjo, which are shown on STAGES 2 and 3, seemed to receive a warm “welcome” from the viewers. Tomoko Hashimoto’s works in particular will give you the most successful example of co-existence of paintings and living space in that she newly created some of the exhibits to ensure they were suitable for display in this exhibition space. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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