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KawawoWataru:Pulling in
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Published: July 08 2014

dyed mud pigment, mineral pigments, gofun white on japanease paper and panel
91.0 x 116.7cm x 2p

GALLERY MoMo Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition of KawawoWataru titled Pulling in, from July 3rd to August 2nd. She will show ten painting with the technique of Japanese painting in the exhibition.

Using the natural mineral pigments, which are usually used for Japanese paintings, KawawoWataru mainly depicts female images with the delicate lines like wool that cling to the females. The lines remind blood vessels rather than threads and seem to express their internal minds figuratively. On the other hand, the faces and bodies on her paintings seem to deny the views we expects and suggest a conflict state of women in contemporary society.

The artist regards her instincts such as receiving from vision, hearing, tactile and bodily sensation as the important element for her works and tries to transform the noises she earned from these senses into expression.

KawawoWataru was born in 1982 in Aomori, Japan. She completed her B.F.A. Fine Art, Faculty of Art and Communication, Tama Art University, in 2012. In the same year, she received a selected prize in YOUNG ARTIST JAPAN Vol.5. This is her first solo exhibition.

I was willing to reach borderline where conflict elements: “hotness and coldness”, “living and symbol”, “blue and red”, rise up and repeated drawing lines, painting and drawing lines again. I hope that the viewers will feel there is a possibility stretching far and away even it is able to exist in the painting.

KawawoWataru, 2014

全文提供:GALLERY MoMo Projects
会期:July 3 (Thu) - August 2 (Sat), 2014
Closed on Sunday, Monday and National Holiday
会場:GALLERY MoMo Projects
Last Updated on July 03 2014

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