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Bowl of Langerhans
Published: May 27 2014

Shusuke Ao

eitoeiko is pleased to announce six artists' group exhibition 'Bowl of Langerhans'. The exhibition supposes a story of Japan. In 2006, the current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the government should make 'Beautiful Country'. Now, where have all the Japanese flowers gone? The exhibition makes you advance a half step toward the future of the beauty of Japan.
Shusuke Ao(b.1981, Ibaraki) titled his machine-like artwork 'FSS Type F'. The wall-hanging object means a kind of Flight Support System, it guarantees a flying without moving. The inside-out aircraft was evoked from 'Space Can' by Genpei Akasegawa(b.1934- ).
Ryota Shimamoto(b.1986, Tokyo) studied ceramics from Kinpei Nakamura(b.1935- ) at Tama Art University. Shimamoto attempts to reveal the friction between Japanese culture and Western culture. His unique viewpoint is that he imagines a new creature when he got to hear an English or the other foreign language word which he has never been heard. By assuming the word means a monster's name, he summons a new yokai, traditional Japanese style monster. Nonsense is a continuous bass of Japanese subculture. Ryuta Tanii(b.1979, Hyogo) draws Tokyo cityscape with pop candy colors. By undressing people, Tanii indicates what a literally open society is. At the same time, he attempts to reconstruct the relationship between painting and photography. Meanwhile, in brand new three photographs of Nipporini(b.1963, Tokyo), the artist explores personal memories of his neighbor Uncle Sato. The model wears old Japanese military uniform which his father used. Time changed, war was over, and then he became the image of his father. Photograph separates the object from time as well as time separates the object from meaning.
Yuki Hashimoto(b.1988, Aichi) studied printmaking and ceramics in university. Recent series of Hashimoto represents portraits in cell-phones. The artist indicates how everyday life in Japan depends on the latest technology. Scoop Brancisco(b.1979) got his B.A. in San Francisco University and got his M.F.A. in Hawaii University. Hanging his painting on his back, Brancisco held his exhibition in the world, for example in Kassel for Documenta, at the top of Mt. Fuji. The heart of his performance is an irony. The artist throws a question for systems and rules.
The exhibition 'Bowl of Langerhans' classifies artworks in three keywords "Impossible Challenge", "Fortitude" and "Heart of Japan". It is an attempt to approach the alternative image in Japan.

Shusuke Ao(b.1981, Ibaraki)
2004 B.A. Japanese Painting, Tama Art University
TRIAL Museum of Aeronautical Sciences 2011/Act 3331 Arts Chiyoda 2011/ Gateway Japan Torrance Art Museum2011/ Art and Air Aomori Museum of Art 2012/ Featherweight West Los Angeles Collage Art Gallery 2012/ Luciano Benetton Collection: Imago Mundi Fondazione Querini Stampalia Venice 2013

Ryota Shimamoto(b.1986, Tokyo)
2009 B.A. Ceramics, Tama Art University
12th Taro Award selected(collaboration with Atsushi Nakajima) Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum 2009/ 13th Taro Award selected Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum 2010/ 14th Taro Award selected Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum 2011/ 15th Taro Award selected(collaboration with Takahiro Yamamoto) Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum 2012/ 3331 Independent Ryota Kuwakubo Award 3331 Arts Chiyoda 2012/ 3331Independent Scholarship vol.3 3331 Arts Chiyoda 2013 Works at Tokyo Yousisha ceramic art studio

Ryuta Tanii(b.1979, Hyogo) 2004 B.A. Literature, Hosei University, Tokyo
Konica Minolta Photo Premio Award 2008/ Young Portfolio collection Kiyosato Photo Museum 2009/ Tokyo Wonder Wall selected Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 2013

Nipporini(b.1963, Tokyo)
1983 graduated School of photography Tokyo
Between Real and Illusion Waki Museum Yamaguchi 2007/ Nippori Guidebook eitoeiko 2009/ Shadow of Consciousness coordinated by Routes*Roots Sibayo Kyoto 2013/ Past Tense, Future Imperfect Art Share LA 2013
Directed Camera books ex. Old Lens Paradise, Old Lens Paradise 2, Old Lens Legend, and etc.

Yuki Hashimoto(b.1988, Aichi)
2011 B.A. Printmaking, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
2013 B.A. Ceramic, Tama Art University, Tokyo
Gateway Japan Torrance Art Museum 2011/ Confessions of a Display eitoeiko 2011/ Faceblock/Smartthorn eitoeiko 2013

Scoop Brancisco(b.1979, Saitama)
2005 B.A. San Francisco University
2009 M.F.A. Hawaii University
Scoop Brancisco Retrospective Hans Gallery Honolulu 2008/ RESET Commons Gallery Honolulu 2009/ Fly Me From The Moon eitoeiko 2012

Opening Reception: May 24, 6PM-9PM

会期:24 May - 21 June, 2014
Last Updated on May 24 2014

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