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Kanako OHYA
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Published: August 08 2009

"sara" (2008); acrilic and cashew on panel, 273x220mm, courtesy of hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO copy right(c) Kanako OHYA

Ohya is an artist who expresses "beauty of imperfect" and "Uneasy feelings that cohabit with youth" on vivid but simple imagery. In the work of Ohya, you will find daily things such as "laundry”, “kitchen" or "bathroom", and young girls who is not showing their feelings so clear. These quiet motifs start a peculiar insistence by carefully layouted image on white background, masking-taped outline and airbrushed dots. The background in which time and the place cannot be specified leads us to the floating sense and the anxiety. The girl who has no expression emphasizes the sense of transience. Ohya is one of the artists paid attention to most today. She has selected for the 28th outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition, presented by Sompo Japan Fine Art Foundation, and awarded First Prize of Gunma Seinen biennale. Opening Reception:Sept 4th(Fri)7-9PM * The text provided by hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO.

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