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Published: January 08 2009

>Copyright © AOYAMA | MEGURO / photo by Kei Okano

Opened in Meguro, Tokyo in 2004, AOYAMA | MEGURO aims at introducing artworks which have a clear concept and which value visual artistry. The exhibition space is another unique characteristic. Here, two kinds of wall – mortar and wood - are used in contrast and the inside can be over-looked through the two-floor glass wall at the front. Among the represented artists are Koki TANAKA, Junya SATO, Lotte LYON, Euan MACDONALD, Teppei SOUTOME, Hiroaki MORITA, Yoko TSUMURA and Yoshinori OHBAYASHI.

Address: 2-30-6 kamimeguro, Meguro, tokyo
Telephone: +81-(0)3-3711-4099
Open: 11:00 - 20:00, closed on Sunday and national holidays
Website: http://www.aoyamahideki.com

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