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Kanako Ohya:Landscape of Garden
Published: December 05 2013


We are pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Kanako Ohya.She paints vividly the moment, such as imperfection and a sense of anxiety that we feel in daily life by carefully planned layouts, high skill to depict, and employing her unique various techniques.She reconsiders landscapes during her trip, memories and experiences in everyday life and then represents them as “my garden” in this show. It is a character of her piece that the background is unable to define the time and the place. They look colourful at first sight but we can see the calm perspective in the use of warm colour. She awarded the First Prize at the 2008 Gunma Youth Biennial Art Exhibition and the Nobuhide Prize at the 28th Japan Fine Arts Foundation Awards in 2009, also being nominated for VOCA exhibition in 2013. We would appreciate your coming and seeing Kanako’s new work exhibition.

RECEPTION:12.5 (thu), 2013

全文提供:hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO
会期:2013.12.05 ( thu ) -2013.10.29 ( tue )
時間:11:00 - 19:30
closed on Monday *12/23 will be temporary open
Last Updated on December 05 2013

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